Meet the Men with Dirty Hands: Szymon Małecki


Turbokolor wraz z magazynem Zwykłe Życie ( przedstawiają kolejny wywiad z serii poświęconej bohaterom kolekcji  Men with Dirty Hands. Tym razem Szymon Małecki i jego świat.

A: Szymon Małecki is a tattoo artist. He runs the tattoo studio “Tusz za rogiem” together with Grzegorz Jarzynowski.

A: Tell us about your regular work day.

B: I just tattoo people. They walk in, we talk, we draw and we get to work.

A: How important is work in your life?

B: I think that if I wouldn’t ink anyone for a month, I would miss it. Tattooing takes a lot time because there is great demand for it. And if something takes a lot of your time it naturally becomes important.

A: What do you wish for in your career?

B: Ink Rihanna and Snoop Dogg perhaps. Something like this.

A: Do you have any important passions, hobbies besides work?

B: Making tattoos is my most engaging activity. I paint, record music and produce videos. All those things are equally important to me. Sometimes one activity bullies other ones and dominates my time.

A: Who are your rolemodels?

B: Very hard subject!

A: What does being an artisan mean to you?

B: I try to be one and I try to do things the best I can.

A: Are you also an artist? What does it mean to you?

B: When I create, I simply don’t give a fuck for one’s option about it. I think that’s the bottom line. I do my thing and the more it has from me the better.

A: What about clothes? How important is clothing for self-identification?

B: You shouldn’t judge the book by its cover but you can definitely judge the publisher.

A: What else is important in life besides work?

B: In life the most important thing is… life and how you live it now. Whatever you do, it’s good to stay calm inside. Life should feel good.

Zdjęcia: Bartek Wieczorek
Tekst: Marta Mach

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